Monday, December 15, 2014

Earn Money Converting Links

Photo Credit Pixabay
The internet is full of sites that specialize in shortening links and the best part about it is you can earn money by doing it yourself. For those you that are interested in this online opportunity you will find a few sites that will pay you for making links shorter.  When you convert a link the ad will appear before the original content before your readers  can read the original content. Links can be placed on social media pages, blogs, and websites. You can incorporate the links into your blog when using a full page script that consist of HTML codes that you will copy and paste in your blog. This code will convert the links on your blog/website.  Below you will find a few sites that will allow to shorten links and earn money  at the sometimes.

Cashfly is one of many link shortners on the web. When people click your link they will be able to view your content in a full page ad or view the advertisement for second, after five second the reader will have the option to leave the ad and view the original content. Users can claim their earnings when they reach $5; users are paid via PayPal or check. is a popular link converting site that allow there users to earn money wheh someone click on the link you converted. The site offer banner and interstial ads. In addition, you can convert all the links on your website using full page scripts. Payments are made in bitcoins, 0.01 btc is tge lowest pay out option.
This site pays $4 per 1000 clicks. If you like the sound of that number you will love the referral fee, users will earn 20% commission for referring someone to this converting website. Paycout is $10.00. Visit the website for more information.

Linkbucks is a popular  links shortening website. The site is consider one of the best in it's category. Linkbucks allows users to earn using through three methods intermission, locker, and full page scripts. Intermission links will have the ad appear before the link and you will automatically get paid once your reader clicks on the link. Another way you can earn is using a locker links, individuals that use a locker link will be paid on a net 15 basis; your money will not show up on your account until 15 later. Locker ads  also require  your readers to participate in a short survey before they can proceed to original content. Last but not least, users must as specify if their content is clean or only for adults as well. Users must have $10 in their account before they can get paid, funds are instantly transferred to the users PayPal account.  is considered on of Linkbucks strongest competitors. The site is one of the top paying link shortners on the web. The site has better pay then it's rival Linkbucks, paying $5 per 1,000 clicks. However, Linkbucks takes the prize in features and has programs where writers can earn more money. Users can claim their money when they have $5 or more in their account. Users must have a PayPal or Liberty Reserves account. is also one of the newer link shortening websites. The site pays $2.00 per 1,000 clicks and have a minimum payout of $2.50, your earnings will be paid via and


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