Monday, December 1, 2014

4 Sites that Allow to Earn Posting on Forums

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Many people often give their opinion about current events and other things for free. If you are an opinionated person you should try applying for a site that pay you to post online forums and earn extra money. Most sites in this category require excellent grammar skills and may require a trail period.

Postloop is one if the top paid online forums on the web. Posters are awarded points that can be converted into cash for a Payment via PayPal. Before you can begin earning, you will have to make 10 trail post. If you follow the required steps and do good post you will be invited to join the site. For more information about Postloop visit the website

Knoji is a site that specialize in consumer reports. Knoji users can write reviews about an array of products. For more information about Knolji click the following link,

We Love Forums
We Love Forums us one of the highest paying online forums on the web; users are paid $0.25 per post. Like the other sites you are required to have good grammar. In addition, you must write posts that total 25 words. If users break one of the site's rules your earning maybe reduced or your account maybe suspended; payments are made via PayPal.

Forums First
Forums First is a good site to check out if you like forum posting as well. Writers will have to apply and provide five written samples that will all the site's administrator's to rate your grammar stills.


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