Monday, December 8, 2014

Make Money With these 4 Crowdsourcing Sites

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Crowdsourcing sites are a popular way to earn money online. If you choose to earn money using a site of this kind you can find several on the internet. Some may require you to take a test while others will let you begin completing tasks after you sign up. Here are a few crowdsourcing sites that you should consider. You may be hired to write an article do data entry, or research for a company.
Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)
Amazon Mechanical Turk or Mturk is a crowdsourcing site owned by Amazon. Users complete jobs that are referred to as hits. This site eliminates PayPal and pays in Amazon gift cards and/or cash payments. Citizens that reside in the United States and India can get their earning deposited in their bank account, users from all other countries will have to settle for Amazon gift cards. Last but not least, Mturks earning are taxable.

Clickwork is another popular crowdsourcing site as well. Before you can begin doing tasks with this company you will have to pass assessments in multiple areas; the site workers are called Clickworkers. Clickerworkers may be hired to do tasks months following areas: Text creation, keyword assignment and categorization, web research, product management, mobile crowdsourcing, and translation. Payments are paid via PayPal.

Elance can be considered one of the big boys in the crowdsourcing business. The site has more than 2 million workers ready to complete assignment. With that being said, Prance freelancers can earn money writing, doing programming, as a graphic designing, and doing marketing work. Workers on Elance are paid by the hour and must turn on the Work View feature to track the hours they work.

Guru is another competitive crowdsourcing sites that allow freelancers to earn to sell their skills. Like other sites freelancers can post their previous work to promote themselves. Freelancers also have to send a proposal when applying for jobs. Freelancers also given leads for jobs they can apply for.
One thing freelancers will like about Guru is the ability to be organized. Freelancers are given an area called Work Room where they can set goals, keep track of goals, keep in contact with employers, share documents, and work out payment arrangements for the work you will do. Last but not least, our earnings will be guarded with via the SafePay. Your client will pay Guru for the work you will do and once the work is approved  you are paid the money.

Like the rest of the crowdsourcing sites on this list, oDesk is another crowdsourcing site that dominates this market. Freelancers must take a test designed by oDesk before they can begin applying and accepting jobs. It is important that you have a profile that is showcase your skill and have no grammatical errors. Users are able to redeem funds via Local Funds Transfer, Skrill, Direct Deposit/ACH, Payoneer, PayPal, Wire Transfer. Online workers will also need to download the oDesk Team App, this feature takes screenshots of your work and allow and will determine whether you were working on your clients project. The oDesk Team App can come in handy if you were working and your client is refusing to pay you.

Odesk has changed there name to Upwork.



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