Friday, December 5, 2014

4 Work at Home Customer Service Jobs

With modern technology, people have the luxury of working from home. With that being said, there are several companies that you can work for a company that hire home-based customer service representatives. Below are a few companies that hire home-based customer service agents.
Alpine Access
Alpine Access is one of the leading companies that hire home-based customer service reps. The company offers their employees, many benefits, including promotions, health and retirement benefits, and competitive compensation. In In addition, U.S. employees get paid time or cash rewards. For more information about Alpine Access click the link.
Convergys is another company that hires individuals to do home-based customer service work. The company in hiring for work at home customer service reps in all states. A few benefits of working with this company are paid training, paid vacation, advancement opportunities, and flexibility in work schedule. Click here for more information.
Active Network
If you need another option you can work for Active Network. The company specializes in online event management. The company has an actual facility that hires traditional employees, but also hire home-based reps as well. The pay is for beginners is $7.50 per hour. In addition to the pay, the company only hires reps from 19 states.
ACD Direct
This company operates a little differently thsn the other work at home companies on this list. Customer service reps are hired as independent contractor's and are paid to take phone calls for non-profits. Pay can be as little as 23 cents per minute and high as 35 cents per minute. When you start out your earnings may be low due to the fact that new independent contractors get the first picks on assignments.


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