Tuesday, December 2, 2014

3 Sites that Pay You to Answer Questions

If you happen to be a know it all or like researching different things, you can earn money by answering questions. Below are ways you can earn money by answering questions.

Rewarded is an online site that is new to this industry. Users can sign up via Facebook or create an account with their e-mail address. The site allows someone to post a question and people to answer it. The person seeking the answer is will choose the best answer and reward that person with a small fee. Users can cash put once they accounts reaches $5, you can request your money through
SquareCash or Amazon gift card.

Just Answer
Just Answer is another site that pays you answer questions. Before you can get started with Just Answer you must complete a quiz, take a test, and verify your credentials.

Live Person
This answer/question type site is different from the other sites of this kind. This site allows people to get  answers from people that are can actually help them.

Photo Credit Pixabay


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