Thursday, May 28, 2015

Write for Honest Reviews

Background Info 

Honest Reviewz is owned by Harlow-McGraw Media, the same company that owns Daily Two Cents and Writedge. In order to join this site, writers must be submit an application. If you like to add affiliate links to your other online sites, you will have to write 300 words. If you choose no to add affiliate links, you will not have to follow a word requirement.

Earning Potential
Writers will earn 75% of the site ad revenue. In additon, the site pays the top three writer each month a bonus.

Payment Method 
Harlow McGraw use PayPal for Daily Two Cents, so there is a huge chance that PayPal maybe used for this site as well

Get Paid to Chat

Many people earn money for chatting online. If you are a woman and looking to earn money online, Flirtbucks maybe the site for. The sites has made it clear that, you do not have to be promiscuous, you will have simply have ordinary conversation.

Background Info
Chatters will set their own hours, and earning when they want to. To enjoy the benefits of this of this site, you must be 18 years old or older. In addition, woman must have a webcam, must be able to type 40 words per minute, and have a high speed internet connection. Potential users must apply to join the site.

Earning Potential
The site does not go into detail about your earning potential, however, Flirtbucks says you will earn big bucks.

Payment Method
The site pays via PayPal on the 1st and the 15th of the every month.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Earn Up to $50 a Survey

Type of Work/Background Info
Survey Compare is another survey site on the web. I am going to guest that this site is similar to Opinion Outpost, where you can browse survey sites and join them. Many survey sites in Survey Compare's database require members to be 16 years old. However some sites have a lower age requirements 13-14 years old.

Earning Potential
Your earnings will depend on the companies you join, some pay up to $50 a survey.

Payment Method
The site offers multiple payment options. The options you can choose from are: PayPal and giftcards from the following companies  Macy's,
Amazon, Barnes&Nobles, Marriott, and iTunes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Monetize Your Blog

Creating a blog is easy to do with the internet, but monetizing a blog is another. With that being said, there are thousands of blog monetization programs. The hardest part is finding one that works for your blog. Below are a few blog monetization programs that may work for you.

Google Adsense
Google Adsense is the leading blog monetization program in the world. With that being said, the monetization service has tough rules and does not accept any blog. Before you apply for the Cost Per Action (CPA) monetization program you need to create a nice blog and dot all your I's and cross all your T's. If the phrase Cost Per Action means you get paid when a viewer clicks on the ads in your blog. The company pays via check.

Chitika is another CPA blog monetization service. Unlike Google Adsense, you do not have to get your blog approved. This site is compatible with Google Adsene and is a good Google Adsense alternative. The site has a low payment threshold and has thousands of advertisers.

Infolinks is a little different than other blog monetization programs on this list. The program is a CPA, but you will get paid when someone interact with a highlighted link in your article. For example, if word blog is highlighted in your content, you will get paid once your readers click the word. Invoking have other programs as well. Like Chitika, you would not have to get your blog approved, you can just sign and incorporate Infolinks into your blog.

Clicksor is similar to Infolinks, offers intext highlights ads. In addition, to in text ads, publishers can put text banners, graphical banner, pop infers, and interstitial ads. Clicksor offers two payment options. User can get paid via PayPal ($50), Wire Transfer ($1000 minimum and $75 administration fee).

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Earn Up to $31 a Page

Type of Work is a freelance writing site where writers can earn a decent income for their work. Like many other content mills, writers will write articles for clients. Writers ca write articles in the following areas: academic writers, resume writers, technical writers, and freelance writers. The site claims that writers will have a support system, steady workflow, a good work experience.

Earning Potential
Writers earnings will depend on how many articles they write. The average article cost between $7-$31 a page.

Payment Methods
The site has multiple payment methods; writers can get paid via PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Visa, MasterCard.

Join Treasure Troopers

Treasure Troopers is a GPT site that happens to be a popular earning sites. Users are given a $3 sign up bonus when they complete registration and the age requirement for registration is 13 years old.

Type of Work
Treasure Troopers pay their users to perform online searches, sample products, complete tasks and offers, shopping, taking surveys, and playing games.

Earning Potential 
Users have the potential to earn decent money, if they are good for at recruiting referrals. Users will earn 20% of their referrals shopping and cash offers at bronze of beginners level. Users will earn 5% of second level referrals earnings; second level referrals are members recruited by your original referrals. In addition, users will earn 5% of all referrals of their referrals survey earnings. Users are allowed to take eightvl surveys a day for a $1.

Payment Method
Users are paid via check of PayPal. He or she can claim their $20 payment and get paid instantly of wait until the 15th-20th and get paid you earning for the entire month.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Get Paid to Write Reviews

Writing reviews are good way to earn money. If you are like to read, watch television shows, movies, are into the latest electronics gadgets, writing reviews maybe a good fit for you. Below are three sites that will pay you to write reviews.
Doouyoo is a UK review writing website. The site pay their members in Dooyoo miles that can be redeemed for cash payment, vouchers, of users can contribute their earnings to charitable organizations.

Shared Reviews
Shared Reviews has 400 plus reviews for users to write reviews for. The site shares half of its advertising revenue with members. However, this review writing website has one twist, users are paid when they are vote other members post.

Rate It All
This site has a simple approach writing reviews, users can write reviews in a bullet point list. Reviewers are rewarded half of ad revenue.

Earn Money Promoting Links

Promoting links are easy way to earn pocket money online. With the ability to share these sites on your social media accounts you can post the link. and earn a few extra dollars a month. Below are a few sites where you can earn money promoting links.

PTP24 is one PTP site where users can earn money. The site is open to individuals outside the United States and has a tier system. Tier 1 members are paid .50 CPM, Tier 2 members are paid .30 CPM, and Tier 3 members are paid .20 CPM. The site pay users via the following payment processors, PayPal, Payza, and Okpay.

If you need another option, CPX24 is another PTP site you can join. One thing that draws users to this site is the payoff amount; users only have to earn .50 to earn their weekly payout. Users are paid PayPal, Payza, Skrills, Paxium, and Webmoney.

Last but not least, Hot CPM is another PTP site that you can consider joining. Members must earn $10 to claim their monthly PayPal redemption. In addition, users are rewarded 10% of theor referral earnings.

Hint-CPM means per 1000 pageviews.