Sunday, May 10, 2015

Join Treasure Troopers

Treasure Troopers is a GPT site that happens to be a popular earning sites. Users are given a $3 sign up bonus when they complete registration and the age requirement for registration is 13 years old.

Type of Work
Treasure Troopers pay their users to perform online searches, sample products, complete tasks and offers, shopping, taking surveys, and playing games.

Earning Potential 
Users have the potential to earn decent money, if they are good for at recruiting referrals. Users will earn 20% of their referrals shopping and cash offers at bronze of beginners level. Users will earn 5% of second level referrals earnings; second level referrals are members recruited by your original referrals. In addition, users will earn 5% of all referrals of their referrals survey earnings. Users are allowed to take eightvl surveys a day for a $1.

Payment Method
Users are paid via check of PayPal. He or she can claim their $20 payment and get paid instantly of wait until the 15th-20th and get paid you earning for the entire month.

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