Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Monetize Your Blog

Creating a blog is easy to do with the internet, but monetizing a blog is another. With that being said, there are thousands of blog monetization programs. The hardest part is finding one that works for your blog. Below are a few blog monetization programs that may work for you.

Google Adsense
Google Adsense is the leading blog monetization program in the world. With that being said, the monetization service has tough rules and does not accept any blog. Before you apply for the Cost Per Action (CPA) monetization program you need to create a nice blog and dot all your I's and cross all your T's. If the phrase Cost Per Action means you get paid when a viewer clicks on the ads in your blog. The company pays via check.

Chitika is another CPA blog monetization service. Unlike Google Adsense, you do not have to get your blog approved. This site is compatible with Google Adsene and is a good Google Adsense alternative. The site has a low payment threshold and has thousands of advertisers.

Infolinks is a little different than other blog monetization programs on this list. The program is a CPA, but you will get paid when someone interact with a highlighted link in your article. For example, if word blog is highlighted in your content, you will get paid once your readers click the word. Invoking have other programs as well. Like Chitika, you would not have to get your blog approved, you can just sign and incorporate Infolinks into your blog.

Clicksor is similar to Infolinks, offers intext highlights ads. In addition, to in text ads, publishers can put text banners, graphical banner, pop infers, and interstitial ads. Clicksor offers two payment options. User can get paid via PayPal ($50), Wire Transfer ($1000 minimum and $75 administration fee).

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