Sunday, January 18, 2015

Get Paid to Be Social on

Photo Credit Pixabay

Tsu is one of the newer paid social media sites. The site allows you to do everything on Facebook, but you get a paid to do it. The only difference is you are limited to 24 posts a day. 

Type of Work
If you have not guess by now, you get paid to like, follow, and befriend people on Tsu. In addition, if you are a blogger or entrepreneur, you can use the site as a promotional site to promote your content and/or business.

Earning Potential
You will earn $0.00001 for every action on Tsu, so you will not get rich. To be honest, it may take you a long time to earn because you will have to build a large following. If you convince others to join you may have more success because you earn a referral fee for recurring members; your recruits are referred to as children. Users will also earn from their children followers their grandchildren as well. I could not find a referral fee on the site.

Payment Method
Users will be paid via a check in the mail once they reach a $100. 

The site seems to have no restrictions on what countries can join. 


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