Saturday, September 19, 2015

Get Paid to Upload Video on


It is well known that YouTube has the Youtube Partners Program. However, it is safe to say that Google owned site has a new competitor, The revenue sharing site is similar to YouTube, but has a few differences.

How is Rumble similar to YouTube?

The site is similar to YouTube due to the fact that both sites will pay you for your videos. In addition, the site has to review your submissions before you can earn. However, the YouTubers must apply for the video monetization and have a Google Adsense account.

How is Rumble different?

It appears that each video must get approved by Rumble's administrators. One thing that stands out about Rumble is the ability to take upfront payments for videos. Users also have the right to earn residual income if they do not want upfront payment.


The rumor on the internet is Rumble is a slow earner. However, it is best to try the site for yourself and make your own decison. Futhermore, the site does not mention a payment system


In closing, Rumble is a new website, so do not become a millionaire from your content. In addition, this would be a good way to promote a blog or business.



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