Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Type of Work is a website that allows individuals to earn money by watching YouTube videos. Users are rewarded for watching five minutes. After looking around the internet  for reviews, it would be best to login sea few times each day to ensure you get the best offers. The site appears to be simple, but it is always best that sounds farther research. In addition, the site only allows one account per IP address.

Earning Potential
The site is a slow earner so you will not be able to make the big bucks. To be precise, users will earn a half a cent $0.005 per view, $0.10 cents per comment you write, $0.01 per rating you rate the video, and $0.15 per subscription you make. Users are also paid for referrals. For each referrals users will earn $0.01 per view your referral make, 0.05 per comment your referrals make, 0.005 per rating your referral make, and $0.05 subscription your referral make. Users can only comment and subscribe once to a video. Users are not limited to a certain number when recurring referrals.

Payment Method
Users can claim their payment once they reach $10 in earnings; payments are made via PayPal.

There was no information about what countries can join Paid2Youtube.

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