Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Earn Money Writing for Content Mills

Photo  Credit Pixabay
If you are any good at writing, you may want to check out the following sites. They can help you gain experience in the freelance writing profession and boost your income.


Blogmutt is a writing company that offers there services to blogs. With that being said, writers will write blog post for the Blogmutt's clients in exchange for money. Writers are paid a flat rate of $8 a post, no matter the length.


Iwriter is another popular content mill that writers write for. Writers all start from the bottom and must work for their way to the top. With that being said writers all start out as Standard level writers. After successfully completing 30 articles you can get promoted to the Premium, after Premium, the next and final level is Elite where writer earn the most money. In addition, writers from all over the world can join Iwriter. However, clients can reject your article for no reason at all.

Iwriter also have a program where you buy your way into the elite level, writers must write three articles with keywords that are chosen by Iwriter. is a content mill that requires writers to do their best work. Freelance writers at are given title Expert. To become an Expert you must give the site your contact information along with a 300 word writing sample. If your work is good you will invited to join the site.


Writefinder company based in New Zealand. This company helps writers find freelance jobs all over the world. Many of the writers have bragged about the work they have been able to find on the site.

Writing Assist

Writer Assist specialize in technical writing, instructional design, medical writers, copywriters, editors, designers & illustrators. Writers can get hired for temporary assignments of permanent assignments. Writers are required to send the company a resume, mailing address, and contact number. Jobs seekers are only limited to the U.S. and Canada.

Dollar Stretcher

Dollar Stretcher is a site that is dedicated to teaching people about how get more things with less money. Articles must be 800 and writers must know about the subject they are teaching the sites readers about. In addition, writers must specify if they want a payment for their work.


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