Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Getting paid to like someone on social media is a growing trend when it comes to getting paid to earn online. Like many other sites you will earn cents to like a social media page.

Type of Work

The title of the site and the introduction is self-explanatory, so you should already know what you will be doing by now.

Earning Potential

This site will not make you rich, but if you are looking to earn pocket change online this might be the site for you. You will earn $0.001 per like or follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Traffic Hit. In addition, you will also be given a small sign up bonus of $.01 . In addition, you can earn 10% of what your referrals make. In addition, you can earn points that maybe redeemed as cash.

Payment Options

You can withdraw your $0.70 redemption via PayPal, Alert Pay, Payza, and OkPay.


I could not any information about what countries can join

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