Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Residual Writing Site

Photo Credit Myself: Kendric Boykin

Residual writing sites sites are blogging sites with a twist. If you want to consider blogging, but do not want to set-up your own blog, read this post first.


Residual writing sites sites are full or other bloggers, so readers are built in. This will help with traffic for your readers.

Built in Monetization
Most residual writing sites require an Google AdSense account, but a few do not require AdSense. With that being said, some mircoblogging sites offer pay per view and split their ad revenue with writers.

Earning Money
Like a traditinal blog, residual writing sites sites allow bloggers to earn a few extra dollars in their spare time. However, some bloggers manage to earn part-time and even full-time earnings from this site.

Nothing to Worry About
If you run a traditional blog, you have to monetize and deal do all the work to maintain the blog. If you are a member of a residual writing sites site, you do not have to worry about doing the maintenance work.


It would not be fair, if you only knew the pros, here is a list of the cons.

If you want to participate in these types of sites, you have to follow the rules. Rules may range from having a picture attached to your article to having your article be error free.

Could Close Down
The sites can close down at anytime. This could be a problem for writers that are earning amounts of money on residual writing sites site.

May Have to go Through an Editor
Some residual writing sites assign editors to review your post before they publish it on their site.

Can Change Payment Arrangement
Like a regular job, residual writing sites can change the payment arrangement at anytime, reducing the amount of money you make.

In closing, every residual writing site is different and no two people will have the same results. Take your time and find the best site for you.

Popular Residual Writing Sites
Daily Two Cents
Thoughtz Factory




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