Monday, December 14, 2015

Were Pay Per View Writing Sites a Fad?

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Every industry goes through a change, and freelance writing is no exception. As we all know, the pay per view model took the internet by storm. Many people earmed money on sites like Bubblews and Daily Two Cents. However, "Were these sites a fad?"

Were They a Fad?
In my opinion, these sites were a fads. I came to this conclusion, after judging the in this particular niche.


Popular Pay Per View  Sites

·         Bubblews
      ·         Daily Two Cents
      ·         Babblelife
      ·         Post Any Article
      ·         Persona Paper


Why Were These Sites Fads?
Many do not Exist Anymore
Many of the pay per view, freelance writing sites, that dominated the freelance writing scene do not exist. I was a member of a few pay per view, freelance writing sites myself. Bubblews and Babblelife, the most popular, has shut down. Daily Two Cents, is now requires and Google AdSense account; users can use other affiliate programs as well.
What Caused these Sites to Fail?
Due to prior experience, there are number of reason for these sites to fail. First, there could be more money being paid to members, compared to the site making money. Secondly, sites some sites had high payrates and could keep up the payments made to members.

In closing, many writers loved the pay per view model, however, these particular freelance writing sites were good for the writer, but bad for site owners.


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