Sunday, December 20, 2015

Should Bubblews Pay Members Back Pay?

Bubblew was a popular residual writing site that many writers used to make money online. Like many other residual writers, I created a Bubblews account and begin posting. Another similarity that I share with other writers, is the money that I was never paid from Bubblews. Before the site closed down, "Should Bubblews Pay Members Back Pay?"

My History With Bubblews?
Bubblews was never a fulltime earning site for me. It is safe to say that the site was a pocket change site for me. I created my account in 2014 and created every now and then. I eventually earned my first payment in August of 2014. Like other members on the site, I had to email them to get that payment. I managed to request my second redemption in month (give or take a few days). I waited 30 days and got nothing, even after emailing them. I abandon the site and returned a few months later. Once I returned (still posting every now and then), I noticed my balance was $40, $10 away from redeeming. After returning to the site, and posting a few more articles, I managed to make a dollar. After some time, I decided to pay the site a visit, just to find out they had shut down. This is when I thought of my current question, "Should Bubblews Pay Members Back Pay?"

Pay or not to Pay
In regards to this situation, I would like to get my money. $41 may not be much to some, but I could use the money I earned. I created and marketed each post and I would like to be paid for them. I do expect to the money from Bubblews, but this was just my opinion.

In closing, do not be afraid to chime in. Do you have a history with Bubblews?


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