Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Freelance wtih FundsforWriters

FundsforWriters is another freelance writing site where writers can earn upfront payments for thier work. If you are a writer or would like to begin freelance writing, FundsforWriters may be a good site for you.
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How Does FundsforWriters Work?Many upfront payment sites requires a 1000+ word count, but FundsforWriters do not. On that note, writers are required to submit articles that are between 500 and 600. If your article is accepted, it will appear in the FundsforWriters newsletter. Articles have low word count because FundsforWriters would like to list more awards, contest, and other things to their readers.

How Much do Writers Earn? The sites have different two payment methods: PayPal and Check. If you would perfer PayPal writers will earn $50 for original articles and $15 dollars for reprints. If you choose to receive your funds via check, you will earn $45 for original content and $10 for reprints. Writers must inform the site if the work is duplicated of not.


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