Friday, October 9, 2015

Tips for Blogging Success

Photo Credit Pixabay
Blogging is a popular way to earn money. With  that being said, bloggers can earn full-time income, part-time income, or earn pocket money. As a blogger, I have made many mistakes. Hopefully, mistakes that you can learn from. Below are a few tips that will help you before you begin your blogging journey.

1. Blog Regularly
If you blog regularly, there is a possibility that your search engine traffic will increase. I would highly recommed, creating a schedule for your blog so you can post regularly and get the search engine traffic you want.

2. Edit Articles
This tips piggybacks off of the first tip. In addition, to posting regularly, your content must be quality content. To make sure your content is presentable for your audience, you can use online proofreading software, Grammarly and PaperRater are two popular proofreading sites on the internet.

3. Add Pictures
If you want to make your blog stand-out, you can add pictures. With that being said, you can use Pixabay and other free online sources to get pictures for your blog. When using sites like Pixabay it is best to give Pixabay a photo credit.

4. Network
Interacting with other bloggers is a good ways to get your links clicked on. This can be done on sites like Reddit and other blog promotion sites.

5. Promote Your Content
Promoting your content is easy to do these days. With a plethora of social media sites, you can share a post in a matter of minutes. To make things better, the majority of social media sites are free.

In closing, blogging is not the easiest profression there is. Futhermore, your earnings maybe low when you first get started, but if you are have a good work ethic and create quality work, you may have a successful blog. 


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