Monday, October 5, 2015

Become a Teacher on Skillshare

 Skillshare is a place where you can do that. Below is the basic information that about the site.
f you are an expert in a certian feild, why not put a price on your knowledge. If you would like to put a price tage on your knowledge.

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How does Skillshare Work?
If you plan to become a Teachers for Skillshare, your classes will be project-based, pre-recorded, self-paced. Users will record classes they are passionate about and post them for students to enroll them. In addition, Skillshare will give users tips on how to market their courses, engaging students, designing your course, and other information aboutthe starting your class.

How do Skillshare Pay?
Skillshare users are able to earn money one they have 25 or more students in thier classes. With that being said, once teachers meet the student requirement, he or she is placed in the Partner Program and earn 50% of the sites income that is earned from premium membership. In addition, teachers will get paid for recruiting new member to join Skillshare. To be specific, new users are paid $10 for every new member that is recruited via their teacher referral link. For more information, click the link listed above.

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