Saturday, October 17, 2015

College Students Should Freelacne

Nowadays, college students face the daunting task of looking for a job in a global job market. With that being said, competition in the job market is really tough and many students are sitting on their degrees. I am convinced that if college students freelanced they would be better off in the future. Below are reasons why college students should freelance.
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1.       Paid Experience
Graduating from college with paid experience in your field is a good thing. In addition to internships, graduates will have an outstanding resume if they were successful at freelancing while in college.

2.       Portfolio
Having a portfolio is a something every graduate should do. Freelancing can provide you with a portfolio when you begin searching for jobs after graduation. This will work well for students who are not required to have an internship.
3.       Extra Money
Freelancing could be a way to keep money in your pocket during your college years. In addition, college student can continue freelancing after college. Freelancing can come in handy if you do not have a job lined up after graduate. It beats sitting on your parents couch doing nothing all day.
4.       Narrow Down Your Choices
 Last but not least, freelancing allows students to discover what they want to do in their field. For example, if you are in the communications field, you can try freelance writing and photography.


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