Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sell your Original Content on Article Sale

If you are a experienced freelance writer, you are aware of the selling original content online. If this is something that you would like to do, Article Sale is a site that can help you out in regards to selling original content.
What is Article Sale?
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Article Sale is a online marketplace where freelance writers and website owners can sale and buy original content. When registering for the site, you are required to use your email associated with your PayPal account or you will not get paid.
How does Article Sale Work?
Unlike many of other sites that allow you to sell articles, Article Sale does not require the writer to submit a writing sample, or have your articles approved by the sites administrators before posting in to their marketplace. In addition. users set their own for their work. Lastly, articles must be written in English.
Lets Talk about Pay
Like many other earning sites, Article Sale pays users via PayPal as well. It seem that payments are made as soon as buyers purchase your content.
In closing, Article Sale is just the place where writers and buyers meet to sell and purchase articles. If a buyer is unhappy with his or her purchase, the writer will be required to refund the buyer his or her money.

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