Thursday, October 1, 2015

Monetizing Your Content with

Photo Credit Pixabay is a link shortener that has been around since 2013. In addition, compared to other link shorteners, is the new kid on the block, however the new link shortener has several ways uses can earn money by simply monetizing their website.

What are Link Shorteners?

Link Shorteners are earning sites that allows users to monetize their website or individual links. An advertisement will be shown when a reader clicks on the link and the user will be compensated for that click.

Ways to Earn on has several ways users can earn money. A list of ways users can earn money on

Website Monetization There are three ways users can go about monetizing full page scripts, entry scripts, and exits scripts. Users can incorporate all three things components in one scripts. Users are required to place their javascript before the tag.

  • Full Page Scripts- Full page scripts allows users to earn money when a reader clicks a link in their blog.
  • Entry Scripts- Entry scripts allows users to earn money when someone enters your blog.
  • Exit Scripts- First and foremost, the exit scripts is a feature that many other link shorteners do not have. users will earn money when someone presses the back bottom on your blog.

    Quick Link
    Quick link is a good way to monetize your blog with users can will put before the site you would people to visit. For example if you would llike people to visit Google's website, you will visit format the link like this,

    Social Shares This is another way users can earn money on their blog. users can add the link shorteners social share bottoms on thier blog and earn money everytime someone shares a post. The social shares will feature an advertisement before the original content as well.

    Twitterfeed If you would like to sync your links to Twitterfeed, you can do that with as well. The directions to the setting up your Twitterfeed is located in the following link,

    Mass Links
    The mass link feature allows users to shorten 20 links at one time. Users can get banned for misusing this feature, it is best to shorten links that you will use.

    Wordpress Plugins
    If your hosting site is Wordpress, you can easily monetize your blog using this plugin. To get started with this feature, you must download the pulgin first and then login into their Wordpress account and follow Wordpress instructions. I would suggest Googling the process of setting up the plugin.
    Last, but not least, users can earn money with the api feature. If you interested in using this feature on, users can click the following link

    Lets Talk about Pay have two payment options, users can recieve payment at PayPal ($5) and Payoneer ($20).




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