Monday, October 19, 2015

Two Places to Receive your Upfront Payment Original Content

Photo Credit Pixabay
Receiving upfront payments for articles is a popular way to earn money online. If you would like to earn upfront payments from your articles, learn about the two sites listed below.

The Daily Heckle
The Daily Heckle is a site located in United Kingdom. The site requires writers to submit a 300 word writing sample. In addition, the site seems to accept most topics, so writers are not limited on topics to write about. Furthemore, writers are required to submit their social media pages as well. The sites pays betweens 5.00 pounds and 20 pounds per articles

Everyday Windshield
Everyday Windshield is a site that is dedicated to the family, fun, fashion, and travelling. Writers can make some extra money writing about family traditons, women's issues, homemade recipes and travelling with children. The site pays $10 for the first post, $25 for post 2-5, and $50 for all future post.


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