Monday, October 5, 2015

Earn Residual Income on Wizzley

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If you earn are interested in earning residual income, Wizzley is a residual writing site that may interest you. The site is a has a few differences than other residual writing sites on the internet. Below is a review of the residual writing site on the internet.

How does Wizzley Work?
Unlike most residual writing sites, Wizzley allow users to create a background, font style and allow users to create a table of contents for pages that are posted on the site. In addition, users are allowed to publish videos and post photos on their post. Futhermore, users keep the rights to their work.

In additions, users cannot post illegal or immoral content, articles that do not violate Wizzley copyrights, duplicated articles, minimal adversiting, and 400 word article. Last but not least, users are given a page rank and author rank.
How Do Users Earn?
Wizzley is a site that requires users to earn connect a monetization site that partners with there site. To be specific, users can connect the following accounts: Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate program, Chitika, VigLink,,


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