Thursday, January 7, 2016

Monetize Links or Content with LinkShrink

Photo Credit: Pixabay

If you are familiar with online earning sites such as Linkbucks and, you do not have to guess the catergory this site belongs in. If you guessed link shorteners, you guess was correct.

How do I Earn?
Like the other link shorteners on the internet, you can select any link you want and shrink it. Once a visitors click the link, he or she will see an advertisement before being taken to the original content. Users can also earn by putting a LinkShrink script on his or her blog. The script may allow bloggers to get paid for entries, exits, and clicking on links in the blog. LinkShrink counts multiple views as well.

What is the Payout?
LinkShrink has a low payment threshold. Users can request earnings once they have earned $5. For a list of pay rates, click here.

Payment Processors
Users have two option to receice their payments: PayPal or Payza.

In closing, LinkShrink seems like a good site for bloggers. In addition, users are rewarded 20% commision or referrals earnings, and can recieve instant updates about earning.


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