Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What I like about Shorte.st

Photo Credit: Pixabay
I joined Shorte.st last fall. Since joining the link shortener, I have had okay progress, however, it is the best link shortener I have used. Below is my opinion of Shorte.st.

What I like about Shorte.st
There are several things I like about Shorte.st For starters, Shorte.st offers multiple ways to earn, using their scripts and other features. I like the following features about Shorte.st: it works on Blogger, they pay via PayPal, and it has many features.

It Works on Blogger
I have tried two link shorteners before Shorte.st, adf.ly and Linkbucks. Adf.ly scripts never worked, and Linkbucks scripts worked for a few months but stopped working. I was relieved when I the Shorte.st scripts worked on my blog.

If you earn money online, you are aware that PayPal is the most used payment processor, and Shorte.st uses PayPal to process payments. I already had a PayPal account, which I happen to love.

Many features
I really like the features at Shorte.st. I like that you can add the features into one script and not have one option. For example, users can create one script that includes entries, exits, and clicking on the links within the blog. I also like that bloggers can use quick link. Quick link, allows users to put http://sh.st/s in front of links; here is an example, http://sh.st/s/http://makingextradollars.blogspot.com/2015/11/write-for-article-document.html
In closing, I highly recommend using Shorte.st. In addition to the things listed above, members are given access to a colored system that distinguish the amount they made for each category (entry, exit, and clicking on links).


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