Sunday, January 10, 2016

Participate in Surveys on MyView

Photo Credit: Pixabay
It has a while since there has been a survey review, but this review will be a survey review for the site, MyView.

What is MyView?
MyView is a paid survey for adults (18 or older). In addition to the age requirement, the has a geographical restrictions as well; to be specific, members from North America can join MyView. Users may recieve five or more surveys a day, or they can recieve as little as zero.
How does MyView Pay?
Like many other survey sites, MyView, pays their members in points in that can be exchanged for cash and prizes.

Points Exchange
To be eligible for a redemption, users must earn 50 points, which is equal to $5.

Payment Options
Users have two payment options, PayPal and Amazon Gift Card. MyView pays users immediately after they are eligible for payout.

For more information about MyView, click here.


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