Sunday, August 2, 2015

Take Paid Surveys on Harris Poll Online

What is Harris Poll Online?
Harris Poll Online is survey site. With that being said, Harris Poll Online may be a good site for you to use to earn some extra money. If surveys are your thing keep reading. Users will take surveys that will influence the government, businesses, and non-profits.

How does Harris Poll Online Work?
Harris Online Poll invites users to earn points in exchange for rewards. The points users earn are called Hipoints. Users will be invited to take survey's via email. When users first register for the site they will be given surveys to earn points quickly. After the introductory survey, users will begin receive surveys regularly. If users do not qualify for a survey, they will earn 15 Hipoints, a Histakes entry (definition was not on the sites public pages), and a chance to win a $10,000e sweepstakes.

Let's Talk about Pay?
There was no information regarding PayPal payments, but can cash in their points fro Amazon, iTunes, ESPN, and Starbucks. Based on the wording on the site, there appears to be more reward options, however, those options seem to be available to members.


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