Saturday, August 1, 2015

Make Extra Money With Url Cash

What is Url Cash?
Url Cash is a link shortener and a popular Linkbucks alternative. With that being said, users can earn extra money by simply posting links that have converted. To be specific, an advertisement will appear before the original content and the account holder will get paid. 

How Does Url Cash Work?
Url Cash users have three options when shortening links: automatic link script, multiple link generator, and instant galleries. 

Automatic Link Script
Many link shortened have a options similar to this one. Users will simply post a JavaScript code on their website and earn money when someone clicks on their links and leave their website. All links are tracked by Url Cash software.

Multiple Link Generator
User will shorten links and post them on forums and social media accounts. Users will be able reuse the links anytime they want to.

Instant Galleries
The instant galleries option allow users to create a gallery using an process called unregulated images. Users will get paid for each view and for the links on that instant galleries as well.

Lets Talk about Pay?
Url Cash pays users 90 percent of revenue generated by the company. In addition, users also earn 35% of of their referrals earnings. Another perk that Url Cash offers members is no payout amount, users can request payout at anytime. Users can claim payments via Wire Transfers, Paxum, PayPal, Payza, and Liberty Reserve.


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