Thursday, August 6, 2015

Get Paid to Search on Scour

What is Scour?
Scour is a paid to search site. Like other paid to search sites, Scour will not be a fulltime income site put it is a good site to earn a pocket change.

How does Scour Work?
Scour allows users to earn users earn money doing paid searches and voting and commenting on keywords that have been searched. Voting is really important, this allows the members to give Scour feedback. Scour has strict guidelines, before you join the site, read the F.A.Q.s and educate yourself on the guidelines.

Let's Talk about Pay
Scour pays members 3 points a search. With that being said, members are paid for the first 100 searches a day. In addition, Scour pays their members for recruiting referrals. To be precise, users will earn 25% of their referrals earnings. If you have several friends, you could make some decent pocket change. In closing, the payout amount is $25. I order to receive users to receive their PayPal payment they must earn 6500.


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