Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Become a Contributor for BigStockPhoto

There have been quite a few post about selling photographer, and this is another. Below is a few things you should  know about BigStockPhoto. 

Type of Work/Background Info
If you read the statement above you know you will be selling photos. After completing the sign up process, you can submit photos for review. If your photos are any good, they will be approved and you will be earn cents per downloads.

Earning Potential
Your earning depends on how many downloads you receive, payment method select by the client, and size of the photo. If your client is a partner with BigStockPhoto they will pay more for your photos; click here for more information about the BigStockPhoto  Partner's pay scale. If your client pays via the subscription plan you can receive cents per download; the more downloads you receive, the more you will earn. The link above has a section about the subscription plan.

Payment Method
The company has three payment options: PayPal, Moneybookers, and Skrills. Moneybookers and Skrills may not available  in all countries.

The site is open to countries outside of the United Sites.

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