Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Link Shorteners

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Link Shorteners are a popular blog monetization method. As long as you are willing to create original content, bloggers can monetize his or her website, after completing a few simple steps.

What are Link Shorteners?
Link Shorteners are blog monetization sites, that allow blogger to easily monetize their content. Once a reader click on a link within your website, you will be rewarded monetarily for their pageview. Examples will be listed below.

How do Link Shorteners Work?
Link shorteners worked in a simple way. Users are shown and advertisement before the original content.


No Approval
If you like a blog monetization site with no approval, link shorteners are your best bet. After creating your account, you can put the javascript on your blog and begin earning money.

Indiviuals Links
In addition, to monetizing your entire blog, bloggers can monetize your individual links as well. After you convert the link, you will place it on your social media, and earn everytime a social media follower visit that link.

Examples of Individual links
Lucrative of High Traffic Blogs
If your blog get thousands of visitors daily, you have the potential to earn a decent amount of money from your blog.

If you like, bloggers can earn money when someone enters, exit, or click on a link within your site.


Slow Earners for Low Traffic Blogs
If your website does not receive much traffic, you will not be a high earning with link shorteners.

Distract Readers
Many bloggers have stated, online, that link shorteners through users off. This is so, because the gap when the advertisement is shown before readers get to see the actual content.

Popular Link Shortener


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