Thursday, February 18, 2016

Earn on Paidverts

Photo Credit Pixabay

Paidverts is a site where members are paid to click ads. The site is owned by MyTrafficeValue Users are given ads when they are available.

How Does it WorK?
Paidverts allow users to earn Bonus Ad Points (BAPS) that will allow to earn ads. Every time you are given ads, BAPS are taken away; the more ads you receice, the higher the amount of BAPS are taken away.

Earning BAPS
Paidverts gives users BAPs everyday. The highest amount of BAPS I have recieved was 16 and the lowest is 8; that is between 200-400 BAPS a day. Users can also pay games and earn BAPS.

Ad Time
Each ad come with a time length. If you do not click on the ad within the time frame, the ad will be taken away from your page.

Earning Potential
After surfing the site, it seems like users can earn some okay pocket change. Users will not get rich, but the can earn money for the small things.

Payment Processor
Paidverts has several payment processors, a few are: Payza, Payeer, WebMoney, and Okpay. Feel free to click the link above for a full list of payment processors.


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