Friday, February 19, 2016

Write for ChillKey

Chillkey is a residual writing site based in Pakastan. If you liked Bubblews, then you will like this site.

Posting Articles
The sites requires more than Bubblews, requiring that articles be 700 characters or more. Secondly, Chillkey does not tolerate plagarism. 

How Do Users Earn?
Users earn for every like, comment, and pageviews. Below, you will find a breakdown of the paying model:

1 Like= 0.25 PKR
1 Comment= 0.80 PKR
1 View= 0.05 PKR

The rates listed above can be changes at anytime.

Users can request a payment when the reach 1000 PKR; this amount is roughly $10. Pakastani users have multiple options to choose from, but international users are paid via Western Union. The first payment could take up 30 days and future payments could take between 10-20 days.

There are more rules for this site, you can find them here.

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