Friday, June 12, 2015

Become an Amazon Affiliate

If you are a writer, could monetize your content with the Amazon Associates program. If you are a memeber of Hubpages, Amazon Associates program is not that hard to join.
If you monetizie your blog using this method, you will receive a commision for everyone that purchase something from your affiliate link. There are millions of diverse products to choose from, if you choose to be an Amazon Associate. 

Acording to the Amazon Affiliates website, users can obtain the links from the page they are veiwing, build a slide show, and share products on social media. Last not least, you will be able to veiw your earnings using the Site Stripe Toolbar. 

Now lers talk about the reason you are here, the pay, user can earn as much as 10% commision if someone makes a purchase under their affiliate link. For more information about commisions, click the following link, click here. In addition to the earnings, Amazon affiliates have multiple payment methods,users can claim their earning with the following methods: Amazon gift card, direct deposit or check ($100 minimum). The payout requirement for the Amazon gift card and direct deposit is $10. For more information the affiliate payment arrangements click here.



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