Thursday, June 11, 2015

Earn Money on Golden Town

Golden Towns is a website that allows it's members to earn gold and exchange it for cash. Users will create a virtual town that that allow them to earn the gold they will exchange for their cash payments. Below are a few ways you can earn money on Golden Towns.

1. Fighting Wars
Like in real life, you can participate in wars with other countries. If a nation is captured, the cities that belong to that nation will have to pay taxes allowing you to earn gold toward your cash payment.

2. Build a Gold Mine
Building a gold mine is another way users can earn money on Golden Towns. Once you have meet the requirements to have a gold mine, you can mine it daily and earn gold that way.

3. Write Articles
If you can construct good a good paragraph then you can earn gold writing articles. Users will earn 0.1 gold per article.

4. Invite Friends
If you can recruit referrals, you can earn money 10% of your friends earnings.

5. Buy Shares
If you are willing to by shares, you can earn from dividents. Other players can invest in your shares after you have made your shares.

For more information, you can click the following link,

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