Monday, June 29, 2015

Earn Money Reading E-mails for eRmail

Many people have e-mail for work and personal use. With that being said, I bet many of you would not believe that you can earn money for reading e-mails. That's right, you can earn money doing something you do regularly, getting paid to read e-mails. If this is something you would like to do for extra money continue reading.

What is
eRmail is a site that pays individuals to read e-mails. At this time the site has more 4 million U.S. members and nearly 9 million members worldwide. The paid e-mails will come from eRmail's clients I the form of advertisements. For example, you may receive an e-mail about a discount on an item.

How does it Work?
First, users will submit his or her e-mail address and receive instructions about registering for a free account. After you follow the instructions, you will begin receiving paid advertisements in your e-mail.

Lets Talk About Pay
Users will receive $10 dollars after they complete registration. In addition, users will be rewarded $0.50 each paid e-mail they read. If you are good at recruiting, you can earn money from your referrals. To be precise, you earning may increase up to 200%. Last but not least, users will be given the opportunity to earn money by participating in questionnaires, these questionnaires could earn them up $10 as well.

In closing, this would be good for a college student or someone looking to make some good pocket money.


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