Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sites I have Earned On

Photo Credit Pixabay
As a blogger in the work from home nice, it would be odd if I did not earn money online, outside of my blog. With that being said, I have earned money online as a freelancer. If you would like to read my work from home story.

Textbroker was the first site to pay me online. I joined the site in 2013 and made around $500 since joining the site. I no longer write for that sites because I do not have a passion for content mill writing.

Daily Two Cents
I joined DTC in the summer of 2014. My articles have earned me around $25. When I first joined Daily Two Cents, I was getting decent pageviews, but for some unknown reason, monthly pageviews started to lower and lower. I do not write for the site anymore, because I like the idea of creating my own website and monetizing my own content.  

Bubblews is a site that many people hate and many people love. It took me over a year to get my first payment after signing up for the site. With that being said, I have only recieved on payment. I never received my second payment. I have abandon that site as well. I tried writing for them again,  but I cannot take the earning model and the long period of time it takes to cashout.

I have earned $15 on Chatabout. My earnings is low because I do not give the site much of my time. I found myself focusing more on Chatabout and on things that can produce a decent income.

Adme is a lockscreen app that I have recieved two payments from. To be precise, I have earned $20 since July 3, 2015.


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