Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanks to the Internet

Photo Credit Pixabay
If you are a freelancer, or aspire to be a work from home professional, the internet has made it easier for you to work from home, and earn a living. A few work from home jobs that are easy to do, because the internet has come along is listed below.

It is only fitting, that I mentioned blogging first, due to the fact that you are reading a blog. If it was not for the internet, blogging would not be a profession and millions or people would not be able to earn a living online.
Freelance Writing
Before the internet, freelance writers had to submit articles to newspapers and other publications. Now that the internet has come alone, many writers can submit articles to a multitude of sites.

 If you aspire to be a published author, you can thank companies similar to Amazon Kindle and Createspace for allowing novelist to self-published. If you do not want to do traditional publishing, you can now write your novel, and find your own editor, and market and promote your book yourself.

Social Media
Now that social media has come along, many people are making a living promoting companies and their products online. Many celebrities have cashed in on the ability to make money by promoting companies on popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, celebrities are not the only people with the ability to do this, the average individual can sign up for sites similar to Mylikes and Sponsored Tweets and begin making extra money themselves.

Online Stores
If you wanted to create your own business before the internet, you had to rent a store front or become a salesperson at a fleet market. Now that EBay and Amazon exist, you can create an account and begin selling your original products.

In closing, the internet plays a huge role in who people in the modern world live their life. If the internet was banned today, it is safe to say that your professional life may change. Join in on the discussion, comment below if your professional life would change if the internet was banned today.


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