Monday, November 16, 2015

Write for Article Document

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This site is home to several reviews of freelance writng sites. With that being said, this article will be a review of another freelance writing site, Article Document, which is owned by Tempest Media.

What is Article Document?
Article Document is a combination of an residual writing site and upfront payment writing site. To be specific, writers will begin their freelance writing career with Article Document writing blog post that earn you ; most blog post have a minumum word count of 500 words. Writers work will be edited before you begin earning.

The Residual Part
The residual part of Article Document is related to the blog post. Once your assignment has been approved by the site's editors, you will earn residual income from those articles. This means, you will have to promote your article you wrote for the site. The residual articles are associated with Blogger.

You can Pitch you our Topics
This part of the site is related to upfront payments. To be eligible to recieve upfront, you will have to increase your writing score from 5 to 8. Once your score is increased, you can create your own topics and you will recieve an fixed amount for your creative effort.

How does Article Document Pay?
Users are paid via PayPal once they earn $10.

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