Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Earn Money Being Scholarly on on Gradesaver

Photo Credit Pixabay

Type of Work/Background Info
I am sure most people have heard of, you  may have been on the site reading a review of a story for a class assignment, however if you are a college student or have your old notes and essays from high school and college, you may be able to earns a little money for old and/or current work. Your work will have to be approved by a editor before you can earn money.

Earning Potential
Your earning will be determined by your catergory your work falls under. The site has four catergories: college application essay ($40), literature essays ($25), graduate school essay- Law, Business, or Medical School ($50), Community Notes($100). After looking at the site the community note sounds like a outline/study guide and you get $10 per approved section.

Payment Method
I did not see a payment method listed on the site

There was no information about what countries could join Gradesaver.


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