Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Earn Residual Income with CPA Gallery

CPG Gallery

Type of Work/Background Info
CPG Gallery is  a residual writing site that allow member to earn residual income. Writers are paid per pageview, like, and rate. In addition users will have to wait 30 days before they can receive their earning. In addition, writers must refrain from writing defamatory articles or articles that are sexual in nature. A few other things you should know about are post must be 600 characters, posts members can only post 10 post a day, and members can only post 10 comments.

Earning Potential
Users are paid a penny per pageview, comment, and rate. With that being said your earning will be determined by your the amount of traffic and interaction you receive from other members of the site.

Payment Method
Writers can claim their earning once they reach $10.00, writers are paid via PayPal or Honeymooners.

There was no information available about what countries can join CPG Gallery.


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