Sunday, February 1, 2015

Earn Money Creating Videos

Many people create videos for social media and other platforms online, in most cases for free. With that being said, you can earn money from the videos you post online. 
Type of Work/Background Info
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As mentioned above, users can earn money from their videos they post online. With that being said, YouTube is one of the leading sites in the monetizing video category. In order to apply for YouTube Partners Program users account must be in good standing with YouTube, never been banned, and the program must be available in your country. For more information about the YouTube Partners Program click the link above. User can also use link their Google Ascends account to their YouTube account.
Earning Potential
Some users have managed to their millionaires by monetizing their YouTube channel. Your earnings also depend on how much traffic you receive. 
Payment Method
There was no information about what the payment process was (YouTube Partners Program). Google Adsense pay via a check. Google Adsense users can claim their earning once they reach $100 in earnings. 
The YouTube Partners Programs is eligible in 60 countries, if the program is not available in your country you will see a notification in your monetization tab. 
Flixya is another social media platform that allow users to monetize their videos. 
Type of Work/Background
Like YouTube, Flixya users can post videos and and earn from them. Users have to make 10 submissions (this includes photos and blog posts). Users must have a Google Adsense account as well. 
Earning Potential
Your earnings depends on how much traffic you receive and if your visitor interact with Google's ads. 
Payments Methods
Google Adsense pay via a check once your earnings reach $100.
There was no information about what counties can join Flixya.


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